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Anime Review: Sailor Moon Crystal Act 6

Sailor Moon Moon Stick Feature

Tuxedo Mask, Tuxedo Kamen, Moonlight Knight, Endymion, Endo, Darien, Mysterious 2098 Face, whatever you like to call him, Mamoru Chiba has some interesting identity issues. Typically, when people think of Tuxedo Mask, they think of a rose throwing, cane wielding, masked man in a suit. But did you know that Tuxedo Mask never throws roses in the manga nor the ... Read More »

Nintendo e-shop releases and specials September 18th, 2014

Wild Guns

With Smash Bros. on the horizon, the Nintendo e-shop has been pretty active lately. Last week, Platinum Club Nintendo members had early access to a Smash Bros. demo, starting on September 19th, the demo will become available to all 3DS users. On the Wii U Virtual Console this week is SNES classic cabal shooter Wild Guns by Natsume. I’ve never ... Read More »

Video Game Review: Etrian Odyssey IV, Legends of the Titan


When Etrian Odyssey first debuted on the DS several years ago, I was interested in playing it but was too busy with grad school. Before I knew it, there were four games in the series and a remake of the original game on the 3DS. Last year I decided to purchase the remake of the original known as Etrian Odyssey ... Read More »

Anime Review: Sailor Moon Crystal Act 5

Flower Hurricane

Strong, tall, and super feminine are a few words one could use to describe Makoto Kino, best known as Sailor Jupiter. In just about every version of Sailor Moon, Makoto is consistently the tough girl, with a slightly deeper voice and a damn good cook with lots of talent. Before we get into the details about act, I want to ... Read More »

Sailor Moon: Petite Etrangere Summary and Review


Last year, while eagerly awaiting for news regard the new Sailor Moon anime, fans were surprised to see the revival of the Sailor Moon musicals, which are also known as SeraMyu. In September of 2013, Sailor Moon: La Reconquista was released and was a pretty enjoyable experience based on the well known first portion of the story. It was in ... Read More »

Anime Review: Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 4

Moon Twilight

The Masquerade is an event featured in many versions of Sailor Moon. What may appear to be just a filler episode in the original anime, is actually an important manga chapter. Before I go into details about Sailor Moon Crystal’s Masquerade, I’d like to look back on my favorite version of this episode. It’s been nearly 10 years since the ... Read More »

Nintendo e-shop releases and specials August 14th, 2014

Mega Man Battle Chip

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge, the black sheep of the Battle Network series, is now available on the Wii U e-shop. NES classic Double Dragon II: The Revenge, which was previously released on the 3DS e-shop is also available on the Wii U. One game that seems promising for fans of shmups, especially the bullet hell type, is X-Type Plus ... Read More »

Nintendo e-shop releases and specials August 7th 2014


More Mega Man on the Virtual Console this week. The Wii U gets the NES version of Mega Man V. Mega Man V is not my favorite Mega Man game, but it’s pretty enjoyable.  Fans of this particular Mega Man game should check out Gaijin Goombah’s take on it here. The original Super Mario Kart is also available on the ... Read More »

Anime Review: Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 3

Mars comparison

It’s easy to be a Sailor Mars fan. In every version of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars fights using the elemental powers associated with her planet mixed with her abilities as a shrine priestess. Despite that, Rei Hino varies significantly depending on which version of Sailor Moon are watching or reading. In the original anime, Rei and Usagi would always argue ... Read More »

Nintendo e-shop releases and specials July 31st, 2014

Mega Man Battle Network

In May, Capcom released many classic Mega Man titles on the Virtual Console. Keeping up with their E3 press release, Capcom will begin to release some GBA titles on the Wii U Virtual Console. The first game up is Mega Man Battle Network, the first in a series of several Mega Man RPG spinoffs. I have to admit that I ... Read More »

Nintendo e-shop releases and specials July 24th, 2014

Blaster Master

NES classic Blaster Master, the game with one of the coolest and unintentional boss slaying cheats ever discovered, is now available on the 3DS e-shop. Don’t let the long play videos on youtube fool you, Blaster Master is a pretty challenging, Metroidvania type game, known for punishing even the slightest mistake. Blaster Master features both side scrolling and overhead POV ... Read More »

Anime Review: Sailor Moon Crystal, Act 2

Double Mercury

Following the format of the manga closely, Act 2 of Sailor Moon Crystal introduces us to Ami Mizuno, best known as Sailor Mercury. In Japan, polls that were featured in the back of the original Sailor Moon manga, consistently featured Ami/Sailor Mercury, as a favorite among fans. Her popularity lead to the creation of the manga inspired Ami’s First Love ... Read More »