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Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas began, the way that many movies traditionally begin, with a old man talking about how the world once was. But right after that it was a whirlwind of characters, stories and worlds that flowed well into one another and was anything but traditional. Cloud Atlas is a story about how all lives are connected from one to the next, weather we know it or not, and that anger, happiness, love and regret can transcend time and space. It feels like a movie that anyone could fall in love with, especially a Time Lord.



This movie is set across multiple points in time, which can feel a little frustrating at times especially when a number of actors across these time lines are the same. This feeling only lasted in the very beginning of the movie when i had no idea what was going on or how these different time lines were connected. After a while you felt like you were watching a tv-series that had individual actors with their own perspectives with their own issues. You started to feel connected to pairs of characters over others and wanted to succeed in their goals.



The acting in this movie was tops cook (top notch). Every scene felt real and personal. It was like looking into a personal portion of a persons life. The closest piece of art that would come close to the acting appeal this film has is Angels in America, a film that gave multiple actors multiple roles that drastically changed all of the actors personalities in amazing ways. The actress that stood out to me above all others was Doona Bae. Her acting was so profound that you weren’t saying “Oh look its Doona Bae as a Mexican Woman” you were saying “Oh its a new character that could put a new spin to this point in time”. It was a refreshing performance, and although all of the actors in the movie was brilliant and diverse I couldn’t help but yearn to see her characters stories play out to its fullest. Oh, and Tom Hanks has the worst British accent that I have ever heard in my existence of being, but I think he knew it too and decided to play that to his benefit, it made his scene all the more striking.



Cloud Atlas was a beautiful film. When you were taken from one point in time to the next, the scenes would change dramatically. You didn’t feel like the actors were on some Hollywood pretending to be people, you felt as the directors intended for you to be placed. The landscapes felt foreign yet familiar and that was enough to transport your mind to the deck of a slave ship or the heart of the futuristic Neo Seol, all felt real and vibrant. One thing that helped with this was the costume and makeup in this film; in simplest terms it was dramatic and striking. When you had to guess which actor was which then you knew that the makeup artists did an excellent job.



If you ever wanted to be swept away by a film, and have an enjoyable time seeing different perspectives, in a collective world made up of six degrees of separation on steroids, then this is the film for you to see. It has so many messages and so many plots that you can get a little lost but the film tries and succeeds to reel you into its world. I only wish they would turn this into a TV-Series, i would love to see it play out.

Cloud Atlas is Rated: Optimal

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